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Aborting my Daughter with Down Dyndrome Ruined my Life, Destroyed my Marriage

Bullied into an abortion she bitterly regrets. Her marriage destroyed. How the Down’s dilemma every mother dreads tore a family apart By Alison Smith Squire Every morning when Marie Ideson wakes, her first thought is of a little girl called Lillie. Today, had she lived, Lillie would be six. And although Lillie would have had […]

Pro Abortionists Scramble to Discredit Meta-Analysis (Study) Showing Abortion Harm to Women

Supporters of the multi billion dollar international abortion industry scramble to discredit a meta-analysis (study) in the esteemed British Journal of Psychiatry that found an 81% increased risk of mental disorder after an abortion and that 10% or our mental health budget is directly attributable to abortion.  The author, Dr. Priscilla Coleman, responds to her […]

Abortion and Infertility-Preterm Birth

Definition of Fertility from The ability to conceive and have children, the ability to become pregnant through normal sexual activity.   From the Fertility Control Clinic online advertisement How safe is abortion and will it make me infertile? Pregnancy termination is one of the safest, simplest and most commonly performed procedures for women. A […]

Cover Up This!

63% of abortions are forced or coerced, there is NO choice. For girls aged 15-24, the suicide rate within one year of abortion is more than 12 times larger compared to within one year of childbirth. 30% increased rate of mental disorders including depression, anxiety and substance abuse.  In most cases, these women had no […]

RU 486: The Abortion Pill that Albury just HAD to have…

The abortion pill that Albury just HAD to have… The risk of complications is more than ten times more likely with RU 486 than with surgical abortions. COMPLICATIONS from the abortion pill are higher than for standard surgical terminations, according to the first big published study comparing the two methods in Australia. The “audit” of […]