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IVF Specialists earn $4.5 million a year

The top 10 per cent of IVF specialists earned $4.5 million each in the 2008/09 financial year.   Opposition can’t undo IVF damage: Abbott.

IVF Dirty Little Secret – 60 Minutes

Seventy-year-old Gives Birth to Twins, doesn’t Want the Girl

Seventy-year-old gives birth to twins via IVF But complains because she only wanted the boy, not the girl.

IVF Abortions

The procedure, which is usually performed around Week 12 of a pregnancy, involves a fatal injection of potassium chloride into the fetal chest. The dead fetus shrivels over time and remains in the womb until delivery.   The New York Times The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy Katherine Wolkoff for The New York Times By RUTH PADAWER Published: August […]

IVF Surrogacy

Are we the only ones who find this disturbing?