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The best Doctors are Only Human | Herald Sun

IN Melbourne’s eastern suburbs on Friday, a boy called Kush will join classmates at a graduation dinner celebrating the end of his primary school years. Last week’s revelation of a doubly tragic blunder at the Royal Women’s Hospital was a reminder how members of the medical profession are human after all – even when they […]

“Shut the Hell Up”

          “THIS country has a bad conscience about abortion. You can tell this by the frantic attempts to make us shut the hell up about it. ” Andrew Bolt Herald Sun 10 November, 2004  

No Choice From the Pro-Choicers- Bill Muehlenberg’s Culture Watch

They also want to take away the choices of those who happen to disagree with them. They want to censor them and their views, and prevent them from even being allowed to speak out on this most important issue. We find a clear example of this wilful coercion in today’s Herald Sun. ~Bill Muehlenberg, Culture […]