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Abortion and Mental Disorders

From the Fertility Control Clinic on-line advertisement: How will I be following an abortion? About 90% of women feel relieved following an elective abortion, and engage positively with their lives. Published Data, More Than 30 Studies in Last Five Years, Shows Negative Impact of Abortion on Women Priscilla Coleman, Ph.D. On Sunday, November 7th, the […]

Counselling Provided by Abortionists

“The last thing I would do is put someone through a procedure they’re not sure about.”  Abortionist Kathy Lewis who flies in and out of Albury from Melbourne on Thursdays. Border Mail  18 May, 2011 “And with her clients she would say ‘you’re under no pressure to have a termination.’ She would say, ‘go away […]

Abortion and Infertility – Uterine Perforations

Definition of Fertility from The ability to conceive and have children, the ability to become pregnant through normal sexual activity.   From the Fertility Control Clinic online advertisement How safe is abortion and will it make me infertile? Pregnancy termination is one of the safest, simplest and most commonly performed procedures for women. A […]