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Civil Rights of the Unborn

The real agenda of the sham “Abortion Forum” is revealed in the following letter to the editor. Sham Abortion “Forum”

Border Mail’s Tired Old Mantra of “More Sex Education”

It’s “Pick on 6 Percent of the Pregnant Women in our Community Week” for the Border Mail, and wow are they on a roll to sell newspapers and promote more failing sex education programs. Some facts to consider the next time they naively mimic the same old tired mantra of “We need more sex education:” […]

Study: Contraception use up, abortions double; researchers can’t figure out why – Jill Stanek

The Border Mail continues to plug their “more sex education” mantra without ever checking the facts of medical research: Study: Contraception use up, abortions double; researchers can’t figure out why  by Jill Stanek The January issue of the journal Contraception contains results of a 10-yr study “to acquire information about the use of contraceptive methods […]

The Irony of it All

AN Albury professional says anti-abortion protesters have stepped up their campaign in recent months and businesses are suffering. Border Mail   7 May, 2011 So, the locals aren’t doing so well, but…the Melbourne abortionist who flies in and out of Albury on Thursdays…   Dr Lewis said the clinic’s bookings were up “because everybody knows we’re […]

Counselling Provided by Abortionists

“The last thing I would do is put someone through a procedure they’re not sure about.”  Abortionist Kathy Lewis who flies in and out of Albury from Melbourne on Thursdays. Border Mail  18 May, 2011 “And with her clients she would say ‘you’re under no pressure to have a termination.’ She would say, ‘go away […]

Public? Private? Who cares? The result is the same.

Simon Aiken A couple of good articles in the local paper today, one from Pieter Mourik about a student-doctor’s experience of having to run the gauntlet to attend the clinic for work experience purposes (as he points out “the Helpers” are targeting publicly funded cases – those that can afford to/have health insurance can have […]

Abortion In The Media

“Protesting the protestors” – The debate continues.. Life Network Australia – Tuesday, May 31, 2011 The Border Mail has written another article about the vigil of the Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants at the Fertility Control Clinic in Albury. In the article, CEO of ‘Women’s Health Goulburn North East’, Susie Reid, has made unfounded statements that pro abortion […]