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IVF Dirty Little Secret – 60 Minutes

More Than 200 Gather for International Day of the Unborn Child Vigil in Albury

  On Sunday 25 May, 2012 people all over the world marked the Day of the Unborn Child by processions and vigils. In Albury, over two hundred men, women, and children  peacefully prayed in front of the abortion clinic in Albury at 586 Englehardt Street.  An angry pro abortion neighbour who has supported noisy pro […]

Civil Rights of the Unborn

The real agenda of the sham “Abortion Forum” is revealed in the following letter to the editor. Sham Abortion “Forum”

New Study- Mental Health Risks of Abortion

One can hardly claim that a woman should have an abortion because it’s good for her mental health. According to a new study published in the highly regarded British Journal of Psychiatry, women who had undergone an abortion experienced an 81% increased risk of mental health problems. This study was a meta-analysis of 22 studies […]

Abortion Rubbish Day

On a Thursday, you’ll sometimes see a special truck and trailer collecting the abortion “waste” from the abortion house on Englehardt Street. Albury City Council does not allow the business to put dead human fetuses in the council bins.  They abort fetuses up to twelve weeks old at the house on Englehardt Street. (photo of […]

Inside the Clinic

    Lots of talk about what the abortionists don’t like OUTSIDE the clinic… but let’s be very, very clear about what the doctor is doing to women and children INSIDE the house at the      Engelhardt Street abortion clinic during a first trimester suction abortion. Under oath, an abortionist  tells us the truth:   “When […]

The War Against Girls

The Albury Pro Abortion group snapped this photo of themselves in front of the abortion clinic and posted it for all of the public to see on their facebook page. We thought it timely to show a video of an interview with a writer for the Wall Street Journal talking about the 163 million babies […]

Abortion: Myths and Realities

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Abby Johnson tomorrow Wednesday 6 July in Albury!

Abby Johnson drew a crowd of over 100 pro life protestors to the Fertility Control Clinic in Wellington Parade, Melbourne yesterday! Come see this dynamic, young, articulate former  Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director employee of the year expose the worldwide billion dollar taxpayer funded abortion industry for what it really is.   Wed 6th July […]

Counselling Provided by Abortionists

“The last thing I would do is put someone through a procedure they’re not sure about.”  Abortionist Kathy Lewis who flies in and out of Albury from Melbourne on Thursdays. Border Mail  18 May, 2011 “And with her clients she would say ‘you’re under no pressure to have a termination.’ She would say, ‘go away […]