Pregnancy Support Group Albury Wodonga Inc.

Offer hope, understanding, and practical help to pregnant women, partners and families.  They provide a FREE and confidential counselling service and referral agency for pregnant women.

14 Havelock St, Wodonga.
Telephone: (02) 6024 6775


Please leave a message with a number that is safe to call. The counselors check messages throughout the day and will call you back ASAP to make an appointment.

Download PDF for Pregnancy Support Albury Wodonga



Pregnancy Counselling Australia

Free, confidential & compassionate pregnancy counselling and offer alternatives to abortion.

24 hour Helpline call – 1300 737 732


Real Choices Australia

Committed to ensuring that women and men have access to accurate information and support they require to make a real and informed choice when pregnant.

Telephone (02) 6059 5550


The Brave Foundation

From unplanned & teenage pregnancy to happy, healthy & skilled families.


The Zoe Foundation Australia

Provides values based sex education for secondary schools, has support services for individuals unsupported in pregnancy, advocates for teen mums to reengage in education & offers counselling support in pregnancy loss.

Telephone – 0488 963 963


Life Network Australia

A community of Australians who share a passion for life, a deep concern for parents and their unborn children, and a commitment to life-changing action.

Telephone – 0407 055 545

Abortion Grief Australia

Addresses the issue of abortion trauma in a manner that recognizes the seriousness and the magnitude of the problem.

Telephone – 1300 363 550


Walking with Love

Walking with Love



Inspired by the Gospel ethos of care and respect for human life, forgiveness and healing, the Catholic Church in Australia wants to:

· ‘walk with love’ alongside pregnant women, especially women who feel unsupported, overwhelmed, or afraid to continue their pregnancies

· ‘walk with love’ alongside women and men who are suffering after abortion

· educate others about practical ways to ‘walk with love’.