Civil Rights of the Unborn

The real agenda of the sham “Abortion Forum” is revealed in the following letter to the editor.

Sham Abortion “Forum”

Victoria’s Horrible Abortion Law

Late Term Abortion Legal in Victoria

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40 Days For Life


IVF is not a Treatment but the Provision of a Commodity

The ethics of this industry should concern every Australian taxpayer for another reason. The Assisted Reproductive Technology industry is heavily subsidised by taxpayers through Medicare.   Angela Shanahan, The Australian  21 January, 2011

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Steve Jobs: ‘I’m glad I didn’t end up as an abortion’

November 24, 2011 ( – Since Steve Jobs’ death in October, numerous pro-life commentators have linked the fact that Jobs was adopted to the issue of abortion – pointing out how different the world would be if Jobs’ birth mother had simply chosen to abort her unwanted pregnancy.

But it turns out that pro-life groups weren’t the only ones to make the connection: Jobs himself did.

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

In the new authoritative biography of Jobs, biographer Walter Isaacson reveals how Jobs set out to find his birth mother in the early 80s, even hiring a private detective for the task.

While his first efforts to find his mother failed, Jobs persisted, particularly after his adoptive mother passed away in the mid 80s.

Jobs explained to Isaacson why he was so determined to find his biological mother:

“I wanted to meet [her] mostly to see if she was OK and to thank her, because I’m glad I didn’t end up as an abortion,” he said. “She was 23 and she went through a lot to have me.”

Steve Jobs: ‘I’m glad I didn’t end up as an abortion’ |

The best Doctors are Only Human | Herald Sun

IN Melbourne’s eastern suburbs on Friday, a boy called Kush will join classmates at a graduation dinner celebrating the end of his primary school years.

Last week’s revelation of a doubly tragic blunder at the Royal Women’s Hospital was a reminder how members of the medical profession are human after all – even when they are asked to play God.

Parents of twins who were at 32 weeks gestation made what must have been the toughest call of all. News reports tell us they decided to terminate the life of one twin because they were told their child would face an uncertain outcome and a lifetime of heart operations. We will never know what confronted these parents.

The story of the wrong twin dying during the procedure hit the front page and was given airtime on television news bulletins. It is right that discovering what went wrong deserves the attention of three investigations.

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Ruth Lamperd, Herald Sun, 28th Nov 2011.


I Support a Woman’s Right to Be Born

The Story of a Real Man

Wodonga football player who made it into the AFL with three children, becoming a father 3 days after his 17th birthday.

Herald Sun, November 26 2011

THEY told him he was too old. That he would never be able to live his AFL dream.

But at 29 years of age, just when Orren Stephenson had given up hope, he got the break that changed his life. Better late than never.

Stephenson made footy history this week as the oldest first-entry draft pick. Not bad for a country bloke whose story is not unlike so many others who fell in love with footy but got too caught up in a hectic life.

Stephenson’s remarkable rise started with a whirlwind romance with his childhood sweetheart, Whitney. He became a dad three days after his 17th birthday. A day later he got his P-plates.

By the time he’d finished his first apprenticeship, two more beautiful babies were added to the brood. Read the rest of this entry »