About Us

Information is power.

And the taxpayer funded billion dollar abortion industry is not going to give it to you.

Women are hurting from abortion. Research over the past forty years shows that the majority of women undergoing an abortion are forced or coerced into abortion; information about the harmful effects of abortion are withheld or downplayed. Research shows that abortion harms women physically, emotionally, and socially, including an alarming increased rate of mental disorders and suicide that we would not even begin to tolerate for any other elective surgical procedure performed on women.

Babies are dying from abortion and now we have the technology to give people an eye into the womb to see that they are not a “blob of tissue” as we have been told by the abortion industry. Videos of babies in the womb are freely available over the internet and we bring  them to you here.  If you can bear it, videos of actual abortions are also freely available on the internet and we bring those to you here.

You can’t make an informed choice without all the information.

See Human Embryo/Fetus at different stages