Don’t be Cohned by the Greens

The proposed council by-law banning peaceful prayer in front of Albury’s abortion clinic is a violation of free speech.  It is unprecedented, unenforceable, and unconstitutional.  Greens Amanda Cohn has said that the free speech argument is “rubbish” but some of her own party disagree with her.  When told that he could protest somewhere else but not at the site where the environmental damage was occurring, the Green’s Bob Brown said, “We’re here to defend the right of all Australians into the future to be able to show environmental  destruction where it takes place.”  He took his case to the High Court. He won.

The Greens are now using the Albury ratepayers to finance their political agenda based on false stories and fake news.

The widely published anonymous medical student complaint was never pursued by the police.   The medical student claims she felt “fearful for my safety, publicly shamed and helpless in the face of such a gross invasion of my privacy.”  However, the evidence showed she repeatedly returned to a Helper and yelled at him, lunged at him, and attempted to wrestle a foetal model out of his hand. Her Facebook page showed she was a Greens supporter.

The widely published “Zoe” story(Border Mail 24 April, 2014)  claimed a male Helper directed abuse at “Zoe”.  “Zoe” has since revealed that she is the sister of a leading pro-abortion activist and former Greens candidate, who was the administrator of a hate site directed at the Helpers.  As a sequel to this “story”,  someone letterboxed the neighbourhood of one of the  male Helpers implicated in the story, leaving behind a flyer with his photo, address and malicious comments.   Similar flyers of  other Helpers were placed on vehicles in their churches’ carparks.  A letter  threatening violence and disruption of the workplace was sent to another Helper’s employer. Forgetting her original “story, “Zoe” later further fabricated her allegation writing that I, a woman, had directed  the abuse at her.

This year, a Member of the Order of Australia apologised in the Victorian Supreme Court for untrue and offensive material and photographs published about my husband and me, paying us $180,000. The same AM has hosted a number of visits to Albury by Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi.

Laws against harassment and intimidation already exist and should be upheld. The abortion clinic’s security cameras capture every activity of the Helpers and the  police have never charged or convicted any Helper.  Nevertheless, stories of fake hate crimes continue to abound.

Here’s a real crime.  In Albury, when the pregnant girlfriend of an eighteen year old  refused to have an abortion, he put a rope around her neck and  pulled it tight. He said, “I will ring the neck of the child when it is born.”    He denied threatening he would “cut the baby out”.  (Border Mail 16 September, 2017)  Will Albury Council ban peaceful prayer at the site where the abortionist actually does “cut the baby out”?

Hundreds of mothers have taken information or stopped to speak with the Helpers at the Albury abortion clinic.  Hundreds of mothers and their babies have been saved from abortion by the Helpers at abortion clinics around Australia and in Albury. My husband and I, along with two other Helper couples, are Godparents to the siblings and a child  saved from abortion on the footpath at the Albury abortion clinic.  Purple is the symbolic colour of Advent, a period of joyful expectation in the Church  at the coming celebration of the birth of our Saviour, Whose mother faced an unexpected pregnancy.  Please allow the Helpers to continue to offer assistance to mothers and babies facing difficult pregnancies by upholding our basic right to Freedom of Speech.

Anna von Marburg , Helpers of God’s Precious Infants      18 December, 2017



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