Bottom of Your Driveway

Dear Councillor Stuchberry, You had your say uninterrupted at Council where you berated the Helpers, who were unable to respond, sitting quietly in the gallery. You claimed we were bullies. You claimed that even just standing there was bullying. This was repeated in the local media and we were asked for a response but knew that unlike you, we would never have our response printed in its entirety. Bullying is not the correct word. If we were just standing there and somebody was going in for just any ordinary medical procedure, “weird” would be a better word. Being a doctor, you know it’s not just any ordinary medical procedure. A human being dies in every abortion. We offer the mothers real help and some have taken it, before or after their abortion. We accompany the dying in prayer as people have done since the beginning of time. Are we bullies? Certainly not. We are the Helpers. You offered the bottom of your driveway for us to stand and pray. We prefer to stand where we can continue to offer mothers help and pray as the rubbish truck collects the babies at the bottom of the clinic’s driveway. Anna von Marburg Helpers of God’s Precious Infants

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