Press Release: Englehardt Street Abortion Clinic

17:30 10th December 2014
Local Albury man Darren Cameron says as with the closed Hobart clinic, the NSW and Federal Governments should step in and closely examine if the Englehardt St Abortion Clinic being run by the Melbourne based company Fertility Control Clinic  is complying with the agreed National Clinical standards .
The company’s clinic in Hobart was forced to close after the company refused to upgrade the converted suburban house to the required standards.
“There are several lies being told by Rights to Privacy group supporting this clinic” Mr Cameron said.
” They claim the clinic provides a range of fertility and women’s health services”
” The only procedures carried out by this clinic are abortions by a fly in fly out GP, not a specialist and the fitting of IUD’s occasionally, which is otherwise readily available in Albury”
Mr Cameron said claims that the clinic bulk billed were also misleading.
” The clinic does bulk bill the abortionist and the anaesthetist  but charges a $400 recovery and accommodation charge. Women who use this clinic are left out of pocket as the clinic is not accredited to the required standard and private health insurers will not pay on a claim made against this charge “
Despite constant claims by this group and the clinic staff that this clinic was the only place women who needed  a termination could get one, Mr Cameron revealed this was in fact not true.
” I met last week with the executive of Albury Wodonga Health who confirmed that Women who were referred to the Health service by their Doctor for a genuine medical reason could have the service at the Base Hospital in a private, safe and professional environment.”
The argument that the Englehardt Clinic might be providing  abortion for non medical reasons would be “very alarming” Mr Cameron said, as such a procedure was a crime in NSW with the last prosecution of a Doctor (  CITATION: R v Sood [2006] NSWSC 1141) resulting in a conviction and the de registration of the Doctor in 2006.
“Albury women deserve quality health care and  better than a fly in fly out GP and I call on both the NSW and Federal Governments to force this clinic to upgrade or close as they did in Hobart.”
Mr Cameron will be holding a press conference to answer further questions for all members on the Media at 11 am on the footpath near 586 Englehardt St on Thursday the 11th  December.
Note, all comments made by Mr Cameron in this press release and any subsequent comments on this subject are strictly in a private capacity. 

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