Susie Reid Exposes Herself and Performs Pelvic Thrust at Albury Abortion Clinic

Susie Reid, head of a largely taxpayer funded “women’s health” organisation in Victoria exposed herself and gestured to unzip her pants and pelvic thrust  in front of the open for business abortion clinic. The door was open and you could hear the staff and her friends on the verandah of this abortion house laughing. Women were in the waiting room awaiting their abortions while babies were being aborted. This, from a woman who claims to be such a champion against violence towards women. Yet the masculine “pelvic thrust”  could only be described as anti-women. She is completely unapologetic and just goes to show how very little she understand the needs of women. Outside of the clinic, people offer women hope and real practical help. Please stop and speak to them if they can be of any assistance to you. Watch here:




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