Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen Decries the Rate of Abortion

by Paul Maley,    The Australian    October 09, 2012
ANGLICAN Archbishop Peter Jensen has used his final address to the faithful to decry the high rate of abortion in Australia and to urge his followers to resist the temptation to distort Christian teachings to please modern ears.

Dr Jensen asked: “What sort of society is it that kills 100,000 children in the womb each year?”

Addressing the Anglican Synod in Sydney, Dr Jensen used his hour-long speech to decry the modern cult of “malign individualism”, which he said had corroded the family, faith and community.
“Individualism promises much but delivers aloneness,” Dr Jensen said. “In the face of death, it is the god who failed.”
In a reference to a recent controversy Dr Jensen found himself embroiled in — where he defended Anglican marriage vows that required wives to “submit” to their husbands — the departing Archbishop said the tendency to treat men and women as “simply interchangeable partners” in marriage was to risk the fabric of the family itself.
But he insisted the vow of submission in marriage — which was voluntary — did not empower men over women.
“Let me say this clearly, strongly, unambiguously: to use this, as some have, as an excuse to demand slave-like servility or even to engage in physical and emotional bullying is to misuse it utterly and no wife should feel spiritually obliged to accept such treatment,” Dr Jensen said.
In some of his strongest remarks, Dr Jensen railed against the corrosive influence of technology on family life, which he said delivered “the knowledge of good and evil” to all and which overwhelmed the best efforts of parents to shield children from corruption.
“The things you do not wish them to see will now be available in the playground,” he said. “The boundaries are gone.”
Families, he said, nurtured the young, including the unborn.
And, in remarks that deviated from his scripted speech, Dr Jensen asked: “What sort of society is it that kills 100,000 children in the womb each year?”
Dr Jensen said it remained the highest duty of Anglicans to proselytise the faith and not to compromise biblical truth for the sake of a “quiet life”.
Such a course, Dr Jensen warned, would lead to the faith becoming “indistinguishable from the world”.
“Unable to challenge it, unable to live for Christ within it, unable to evangelise it,” he said.

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