More Than 200 Gather for International Day of the Unborn Child Vigil in Albury

Over 200 hundred people gather in front of the Albury abortion clinic at 586 Englehardt Street to pray for the end of abortion.


On Sunday 25 May, 2012 people all over the world marked the Day of the Unborn Child by processions and vigils. In Albury, over two hundred men, women, and children  peacefully prayed in front of the abortion clinic in Albury at 586 Englehardt Street.  An angry pro abortion neighbour who has supported noisy pro abortion protestors in front of the clinic, ranted to the local newspaper about the legal procession and vigil through town. Even though pro abortionists have used loudspeakers  at various times, blasted music from their cars, indeed have danced in front of the abortion clinic, this resident only took offense to the one time when the pro life group used a loud speaker to lead prayers for the very large group to hear over the music that the neighbours were blasting from their porches when they saw the peaceful vigil coming. The picture above depicts the families that she calls, “zealots, bigots, emotional bullies, and spiritual manipulators.”



  1. Hi Jean, if you want a really quick way of getting rid of those protestors, go down to council and ask them to change the zoning laws and get rid of the abortionist. No more killing of the unborn humans, and like magic, no more protestors! Or, you can try going to the supreme court and changing the law of the land to make it illegal to protest. But I think council would be easier, especially in light of the corruption revealed in today’s newspaper. Maybe slip council a few bucks.

  2. Anna von Marburg

    Words escape me that a neighbour is concerned about protestors, but happy to have an abortion clinic operating in her neighbourhood, aborting 10-15 babies every Thursday in less than six hours. I note that the neighbour never mentioned the “A” word(Abortion), so I’ve done it for her by doing a little edit on her Letter to the Editor (Border Mail 29.3.12)

    “The peace and quiet was broken by the sound of a vacuum in the mother’s womb at the fertility control clinic in Englehardt Street.
    Yes, the abortionist was there again, aborting babies in a quiet neighbourhood and showing complete disregard for the rights and beliefs of the unborn who don’t happen to share their passion.
    It really caps off the week: the abortionist, after killing 10-15 unborn babies in Albury on Thursday, flies back down to Melbourne and to Tasmania to kill even more unborn babies.
    And yes, it’s quite legal.
    They have their permits.
    They can abort unborn babies as often as they like with these permits.
    How can the rest of us express just how seriously their behaviour affects the unborn babies’rights and the quality of their lives?
    It seems they have no rights.
    I don’t know when I have felt so disempowered by the legal system as it applies in this instance.
    This constant termination of unborn human lives has gone on for long enough and is doing nothing to encourage a sympathetic response to their cause.
    I acknowledge the pro abortionists’ right to their firmly held beliefs, and I admire their commitment, but I do not agree with the way they won’t accept that others have human rights, too.
    Dare I use the terms zealots, bigots, emotional bullies, or spiritual manipulators?
    These abortions really are a blatant form of harassment and intimidation of the unborn.
    All I ask now is that they respect the unborn as they expect us to respect born human beings, and allow unborn human beings with other beliefs to make their own decisions once they are old enough to decide whether or not they want to be aborted.
    It’s about time for somebody to take a serious look at the impact these abortions have on women and the unborn, who just want to live their lives in peace and harmony in the womb, making their own decisions and living with their own conscience once they are born. “

  3. I agree that it is upsetting that there is a need for people to stand there and pray. People travelled from as far as Wagga Wagga and Beechworth to pray for life. It saddens me greatly that the sounds of prayer spoken with beauty, passion, love and devotion coming out of our mouths on Sunday outraged some while the murder and taking of children’s lives does not phase them.

    I also resent being called a bully or spiritual manipulator. I do not recall us ordering anyone to pray or even listen to us. We were there talking to God and those precious children whose lives are taken in that clinic, not the neighbours. When I am at the clinic I have my head bowed in prayer, the entire time I am there I do not look at people coming or going and do not engage them in conversation. There is no bullying or intimidation; have a conversation with any person who stands outside that clinic either as a prayer or as a counselor and tell me that there is a malicious bone in their bodies. The intimidation and bullying generally happens as women are leading up to making a decision or even once they are in that clinic, not on the footpath outside.

    We will not leave that clinic until the value of all life that enters that clinic from the smallest to the largest is respected.

  4. Hi Jean, pity you do not aim your passionate and driven comments towards the perpetrators of the greatest injustice in your neighbourhood; not peaceful protesters at all, but tiny (and many bigger) defenceless babies being torn to shreds from inside the wombs of their mothers, their lifeless bodies being discarded in the garbage and then trucked right by your house in their final parade of indignity and heartless indifference, to be unceremoniously destroyed, as if they never existed.

    Save the babies, maybe one will be your grandchild, niece or nephew one day……

    I can only admire the fortitude of the peaceful protesters, standing up for the babies, trying to save just one more woman from making a choice she can never undo, from killing a baby who might look a little like her, might have some of her little facial expressions when she smiles, some of her weaknesses, some of her strengths. A real person, a little work in progress.

    Maybe you could learn something from the protesters Jean? Maybe you could learn to focus on the real issue, the big issue, what really matters; despite the persecution and the vilification; stand up for what’s right. Your choice, but don’t knock ’em if you don’t have that kind of courage yourself.

    Save the babies, help shut the clinic down!

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