Children Protesting with Parents- Acceptable for Some Issues

Children protesting with their parents.  Seems it’s acceptable for some politically correct issues such as global warming but not the killing of innocent unborn children and the harming of women.  Oh dear.

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  1. Is this Arch Deacon serious?!! It is okay to take babies there to be killed, but not to pray outside? How absurd!
    I applaud the actions of the ‘Helpers’…and cannot understand why a Church representative wouldn’t be joining them in prayer against such cruelty.

  2. ARCHDEACON PETER MACLEOD-MILLER says “Those who champion the cause of the unborn think nothing of hanging children around their necks and taking them to a picket line and using them as some sort of psychological weapon or shield.” If the archdeacon were a fatherly type of man he might realise that mothers who don’t abort their babies actually love them and that it is the most natural thing in the world to take them with you wherever they go. These gorgeous kids are not weapons, they are children being reared the best way possible, with a mother that values their existence and loves them enough to keep them with her so they feel total emotional security and care 24 hour a day. If the pro-death people weren’t so abusive and foul mouthed there would be no conflict for these little ones to witness as it is all coming in one direction – praying is a pretty low-conflict activity. If the archdeacon is worried about vulnerable babies he should spare more thought for the ones going to their slaughter than the lucky ones born to loving parents.

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