The best Doctors are Only Human | Herald Sun

IN Melbourne’s eastern suburbs on Friday, a boy called Kush will join classmates at a graduation dinner celebrating the end of his primary school years.

Last week’s revelation of a doubly tragic blunder at the Royal Women’s Hospital was a reminder how members of the medical profession are human after all – even when they are asked to play God.

Parents of twins who were at 32 weeks gestation made what must have been the toughest call of all. News reports tell us they decided to terminate the life of one twin because they were told their child would face an uncertain outcome and a lifetime of heart operations. We will never know what confronted these parents.

The story of the wrong twin dying during the procedure hit the front page and was given airtime on television news bulletins. It is right that discovering what went wrong deserves the attention of three investigations.

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Ruth Lamperd, Herald Sun, 28th Nov 2011.


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