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Angela Shanahan on Abortion in The Australian

Millennials, in Australia and the US, are not more politically conservative but they are much more ethnically diverse and much queasier about abortion. This is the first generation that has seen the ultrasound pictures of themselves, and they see abortion as a basic human rights violation. THIS week Mississippi is set to take a monumental […]

Abortion Hurts South Australia Too

South Australia MP shows courage with anti abortion pamphlet. Life Network Australia – Tuesday, October 18, 2011 The Adelaide Advertiser (Oct 17, 2011) has reported that “ANTI-ABORTION pamphlets published by MP Ann Bressington have come under fire for misleading information”. According to the article, “Ms Bressington said she was funding the printing of 120,000 anti-abortion […]

Saving Mothers and Babies from Abortion

ROBYN Grace is spending thousands helping pregnant women on temporary visas keep their babies. These pregnancies would otherwise be terminated. The 43-year-old Mt Barker resident is meeting the medical costs which the women and their partners can’t afford because they are being allowed into the country without private health insurance, have no access to Medicare […]

No Choice From the Pro-Choicers- Bill Muehlenberg’s Culture Watch

They also want to take away the choices of those who happen to disagree with them. They want to censor them and their views, and prevent them from even being allowed to speak out on this most important issue. We find a clear example of this wilful coercion in today’s Herald Sun. ~Bill Muehlenberg, Culture […]

More Media Mischief on Baby Killing- Bill Muehlenberg’s Culture Watch

Yes, at the end of the day, the pro-choicers care little about genuine choice. The abortionists themselves are simply about making money – lots of money. They do not want women to hear the truth about their greedy practices, and they don’t want the public to know either. In the same way, the slave traders […]

Children Protesting with Parents for Civil Rights


Imagine the Potential

Protests, Police and the Abortion Debate

If one does this wrongly, the vacuity of a position or cause can be revealed. Take the recent pleas from those seeking to move on people from outside abortion clinics, like the clinic in East Melbourne. The claim was made (including on The Drum) that because protestors who occupied part of the Melbourne CBD (from […]