March for the Babies October 2011

March For The Babies 2011 – YouTube.





Counting the Numbers at March for the Babies – YouTube.



Pro Abortion crowd and their sound system awaiting the arrival of the Pro Life crowd at the March for the Babies in Melbourne on 8 October 2011.










Melb pro-abort march start – YouTube.

March For The Babies 2011 on Vimeo on Vimeo



via March For The Babies 2011 on Vimeo.



March for the babies 2011 – YouTube.

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  1. I was on the steps of Parliament House when the small pro abortion group (of about 20) turned up – I found them to be extremely rude and aggressive. Fascinated by what their spokespeople had to say, I tried to film it on my i-phone, but had people from their group shoving leaflets etc in front of my phone and speaking very rudely to me, to try to stop me. If they are so proud of “women’s rights” and want to protest publicly, what did they have to hide??!! They then spent the next two hours screaming through their megaphones in an attempt to sabotage the large pro life protest, by not allowing the huge crowd to hear the speakers. Pedestrians who were not part of either group said they were horrified by their obnoxious behaviour!

    The pro life camp, on the other hand, was some 3,000 people of all ages and cultural backgrounds…families, the elderly, children…all smiling, with balloons – more a celebration of life!!

    The contrasting behaviour and attitude of the two groups spoke volumes about those individuals who fight for abortion and those who fight for the unborn!! I was so proud to be part of the 3,000 who showed incredible tolerance and kindness!!

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