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March for the Babies October 2011

March For The Babies 2011 – YouTube.         Counting the Numbers at March for the Babies – YouTube.     Pro Abortion crowd and their sound system awaiting the arrival of the Pro Life crowd at the March for the Babies in Melbourne on 8 October 2011.           […]

Queensland Forced Abortion Charge – 19th September 2011

Queensland Forced Abortion Charge – 19th September 2011 – YouTube  

Steve Jobs was “Unwanted”

“What the media has left out, on the whole, is where all this genius came from. There have been stories mentioning his family background but these have been mere sideshows to the retrospectives on Jobs’ extraordinary career. None of that drama might have happened, however, if a young, unwed graduate student back in 1955 had […]


180 Movie  Extraordinary conversations with young people captured on video as they’re asked to reconsider their position on abortion.