New Study- Mental Health Risks of Abortion

One can hardly claim that a woman should have an abortion because it’s good for her mental health. According to a new study published in the highly regarded British Journal of Psychiatry, women who had undergone an abortion experienced an 81% increased risk of mental health problems. This study was a meta-analysis of 22 studies published between 1995 and 2009 involving almost 900,000 women across six countries.  Research which combines and examines the results of a number of other methodologically sound studies are far more reliable than any single study alone because of the wealth of data available.
The results of these combined studies reveal higher rates of anxiety related disorders (34%), depression (37%), alcohol use/abuse (110%), marijuana use (230%), and higher rates of suicidal behaviour (155%).


81% increased risk of mental health problems following an abortion

10% of mental health problems directly attributable to abortion

Of particular interest is the finding that almost 10% of the incidence of all mental health problems in the community has been shown to be directly attributable to abortion. Given the millions of dollars expended on mental health initiatives in this country, this figure is very significant and of economic concern.

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The federal mental health budget according to the ABC is $2.2 billion per year. The NSW mental health budget is $1.34 billion dollars per year. Stay tuned as we research each state to provide a total for all of Australia, showing how much of the mental health budget may be directly attributable to abortion.

The taxpayer funded billion dollar abortion industry’s dollars at work hurting women, hurting Albury…


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