Border Mail’s Tired Old Mantra of “More Sex Education”

It’s “Pick on 6 Percent of the Pregnant Women in our Community Week” for the Border Mail, and wow are they on a roll to sell newspapers and promote more failing sex education programs.

Some facts to consider the next time they naively mimic the same old tired mantra of “We need more sex education:”

  • The World Health Organisation states that even if people used contraception correctly 100% of the time, there would still be 6 million unplanned pregnancies in the world. Read here
  • Marie Stopes, an Australian abortion provider, states that more than half (65%) of Australian women who unexpectedly get pregnant are either on the pill or using condoms at the time  Read here
  • The more sex education you have, the more unplanned pregnancies you have.  Read here
  • The more contraception you have, the more abortions you have. Read here

 The more casual sex one has, the greater likelihood there will be of pregnancy, contraception use notwithstanding.

Jill Stanek

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