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X-Factor Mother Chooses Life Despite Intense Pressure From “Doctors” to Abort


Border Mail’s Tired Old Mantra of “More Sex Education”

It’s “Pick on 6 Percent of the Pregnant Women in our Community Week” for the Border Mail, and wow are they on a roll to sell newspapers and promote more failing sex education programs. Some facts to consider the next time they naively mimic the same old tired mantra of “We need more sex education:” […]

Study: Contraception use up, abortions double; researchers can’t figure out why – Jill Stanek

The Border Mail continues to plug their “more sex education” mantra without ever checking the facts of medical research: Study: Contraception use up, abortions double; researchers can’t figure out why  by Jill Stanek The January issue of the journal Contraception contains results of a 10-yr study “to acquire information about the use of contraceptive methods […]

Duke of Kent’s son: Abortion a worse threat than al-Qaeda

It seems the peaceful protestors at the Albury abortion mill are not the only ones willing to sacrifice their reputations and precious time to defend the unborn and their mothers. Lord Nicholas, 40, who lost his place in the line of succession when he became a Roman Catholic, wrote an article stating that abortion is […]

Abortionist admits: babies sometimes born alive and left ‘wiggling around in the toilet’

ORLANDO, Florida, July 26, 2011. In disturbing testimony during court proceedings against a well-known Florida abortionist, a fellow abortionist reportedly admitted that some aborted children are delivered alive and left “wiggling around in the toilet,” where they are allowed to die. The testimony occurred during proceedings against abortionist James Pendergraft, who was forced to pay […]

Victorian Abortion Law

For anyone who missed Bernie Finn’s packed talk at the Commercial Club, here is a video of the New Victorian Abortion Law that the Pro abortionists such as Emily’s List are so very proud of.  Pro abortionists are making moves to spread this law across all of Australia.  

New Study- Mental Health Risks of Abortion

One can hardly claim that a woman should have an abortion because it’s good for her mental health. According to a new study published in the highly regarded British Journal of Psychiatry, women who had undergone an abortion experienced an 81% increased risk of mental health problems. This study was a meta-analysis of 22 studies […]

Abortion Rubbish Day

On a Thursday, you’ll sometimes see a special truck and trailer collecting the abortion “waste” from the abortion house on Englehardt Street. Albury City Council does not allow the business to put dead human fetuses in the council bins.  They abort fetuses up to twelve weeks old at the house on Englehardt Street. (photo of […]