Part 9 Abortion Breast Cancer


“They even have a forum on their website to say that breast cancer increases after termination. There’s absolutely no evidence in the world literature,” said Dr. Mourik.
WINTV 7 July, 2011



Abortion Causes Women to Lose the Protective Effect of a Full Term Pregnancy

Standard medical texts acknowledge that the younger a woman is when she has her first full term pregnancy, the larger her family is, and the longer she breastfeeds, the lower her breast cancer risk is.  A first full term pregnancy matures 85% of the mother’s cancer-susceptible Type 1 and 2 Breast lobules into fully cancer-resistant Type 4 lobules. Source

Russo J, Hu YF, Silva ID, Russo IH.  Cancer risk related to mammary gland structure and development. Microsc Res Tech 2001;52:204-233

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