Part 4, Abortion Breast Cancer

“They even have a forum on their website to say that breast cancer increases after termination. There’s absolutely no evidence in the world literature,” said Dr. Mourik.
WINTV 7 July, 2011




“160% increased risk of breast cancer

“Perhaps most disturbing is that some of the strongest evidence of the abortion-breast cancer link emerged from the only published study on Australian women. In that study, Dr. Tom Rohan et al. originally published their findings in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1988, but inexplicably, the authors withheld the abortion-breast cancer data they had collected. It was not until 1995 that those data surfaced in another publication in the British Journal of Cancer, data which revealed a statistically significant, 160% increased risk of breast cancer among Australian women who had chosen abortion.” Professor Joel Brind , Source

“Not revealed to Australian women

” In the only study on Australian women (Rohan et al, Adelaide, 1988) induced abortion was found to be the greatest risk factor of all, greater even than family history of breast cancer. The results of this study, funded by the CSIRO, were not revealed to Australian women, not even those taking part in the study. It is still not publicized in Australia, and only surfaced in a meta-analysis by a French researcher, N. Andrieu, published in the British Journal of Cancer, 1995, 72: 744-51. ”  Source


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