Part 2, Abortion Breast Cancer Link


“They even have a forum on their website to say that breast cancer increases after termination. There’s absolutely no evidence in the world literature,” said Dr. Mourik.
WINTV 7 July, 2011




“Abortion Damages Women and Diminishes Their Humanity”     By Charles Francis, AM, QC  Endeavour Forum, Inc.Newsletter No. 131, September 2008

Despite surveys and articles to the contrary (some statistically defective and some spurious) the link between abortion and breast cancer (the ABC link: has now been established to a high degree of probability. Three cases in Australia where abortionists failed to warn of the link and a case in Pennsylvania have been settled at mediation. The abortion industry does not want this litigated in public. In 2005 American attorney Jonathan Clark, who thoroughly prepared the scientific evidence, sued on behalf of a young woman who was aborted with no warning of the risk. In January 2005 when the case came on for hearing rather than contest the Plaintiff ‘s Claim, with no doubt wide media coverage, All Women’s Health Services admitted the ABC link and agreed to judgement against it with damages to be assessed. Damages were later agreed at $200,000. (9)



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