Public? Private? Who cares? The result is the same.

Simon Aiken

A couple of good articles in the local paper today, one from Pieter Mourik about a student-doctor’s experience of having to run the gauntlet to attend the clinic for work experience purposes (as he points out “the Helpers” are targeting publicly funded cases – those that can afford to/have health insurance can have an abortion at other locations in Albury); and a related article concerning privacy in such a small area (concerning facebook bullying) from our own Louise McOrmond Plummer.

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In Wodonga, women can cross the border to Albury for an elective abortion, but have to pay for the procedure in a private clinic. To have an abortion in a public hospital, women in the area have to travel the 700-kilometre return trip to Melbourne.
Pieter Mourik  The Age

Public, private…who cares?  The taxpayer funds it either way!  For a private abortion a woman or her health fund pays the gap but the taxpayer stills pays the same as they do for a public abortion.  Either way, the result is the same…a woman is hurt and a baby didn’t stand a chance.

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  1. Anna von Marburg

    Oooh, goodie! Simon’s back! Hey Simon, I’m still waiting on that research that shows that abortion is good for women and children. Come on…throw us a bone, a crumb, anything.

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