A choice is only possible if there are genuine alternatives.

~GERMAINE GREER, The Whole Woman

By Anna von Marburg

It fascinates me how the “pro-choicers” at abortion clinics continue blocking women from freely receiving information to make an informed choice.

A real choice involves  the best information and arguments from both sides. The woman then weighs up both sides of the argument and decides what’s best for her situation.  It is naive to think that a woman is going to get all the information she  needs to make an informed choice from an abortionist with a financial interest in the outcome of her decision. Sure, either side could be lying but a grown woman has to make that decision herself. What do the pro-choicers fear?  That the research showing how harmful abortion is to women is so compelling that she might choose the alternative to abortion? Is that a bad thing? Pro-choicers denying women information to assist in making an informed choice are not really “pro-choice” at all; they are proabortion.

But the woman has already  made her choice by coming to the clinic...”

If pregnancy support centres received the same amount of taxpayer dollars that the billion dollar taxpayer funded abortion industry receives, “palaces” to pamper pregnant women would spring up in every town truly creating  a “pro-choice” environment. The reality is that pregnancy support centres rely almost entirely on donations, are staffed by selfless volunteers with a non-existent advertising and marketing budget for getting their alternative message out to women, and their office is usually the footpath that they have to share with surly pro-abortionists defending their turf.

A genuine alternative to abortion exists. Stop blocking these women from freely receiving information and making an informed choice.

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  1. Fr John Speekman

    You make great sense, Anna, thank you. The truth will always be stronger than a lie. That’s why they get so frantic when it is being offered .. it’s the real threat to the pro-abortionists.

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