Abortion Legal Cases

Even though some people deny that abortion hurts women, there are obviously some people who are convinced and are willing to pay money to keep it silent.

Edition 1 – FIRSTMON 24 JUL 2006, Page 018  Herald Sun

Grave risk in having abortion

By Charles Francis

HAVING acted for women damaged by abortion, I have learned it is always very bad advice to refer any woman for an abortion because there are so many medical risks.

Yet Senator Natasha Stott Despoja complained on these pages last week that some pregnancy counselling services do not refer women for abortions.

And that they tell women of their increased risk of breast cancer, infertility and psychological trauma after abortion.

In 1997, I acted for “Ellen”, who suffered very significant psychiatric problems following an abortion.

It was already well known that abortion could cause psychiatric problems, but Ellen was never warned.

The Australian High Court found in Rogers v Whitaker that before any operation, the doctor has an express duty to warn of any material risk.

Ellen sued on the basis of failure to warn and her case was settled out of court.

In a similar case in NSW “Cynthia” won a settlement for $200,000 for psychological damage following abortion.

Following Ellen’s case, I was asked to act for or advise a number of women in relation to psychological problems resulting from abortions.

I came to know these women personally and realised how dysfunctional they can be. One was still highly dysfunctional three years after the abortion, with no indication she would ever be able to work again.


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