Abortion and Infertility – And more…

Definition of Fertility from MedicineNet.com:

The ability to conceive and have children, the ability to become pregnant through normal sexual activity.


From the Fertility Control Clinic online advertisement

How safe is abortion and will it make me infertile?
Pregnancy termination is one of the safest, simplest and most commonly performed procedures for women. A pregnancy termination will not adversely affect your fertility. We will ensure your future contraception needs.


“will NOT adversely affect your fertility.”


French Researchers, examining the records of 1,943 pre-term births(about one third of all premature deliveries in France) found that abortion was associated with very premature deliveries (before 33 weeks gestation)-50% and extremely premature deliveries(22 weeks to 28 weeks gestation)-70%.

The increased risks were striking for specific causes for very premature deliveries and extremely premature deliveries respectively:

Placenta abruption, 40% and 50%

Placenta previa, 140% and 310%

Foetal growth restriction, premature ruptured membranes, early onset of labour, 70% and 120%

Moreau et.al., “Previous induced abortions and and the risk of very preterm delivery:results of the EPIPAGE study, “British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 112, April 2005: 430-37

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