Cover Up This!

  • 63% of abortions are forced or coerced, there is NO choice.
  • For girls aged 15-24, the suicide rate within one year of abortion is more than 12 times larger compared to within one year of childbirth.
  • 30% increased rate of mental disorders including depression, anxiety and substance abuse.  In most cases, these women had no problems before their abortion.

Source: Abortion Legal Support and After Abortion.


  1. Wow, thanks for these statistics – very informative of the side effects & dangers of abortion.

  2. The figure of 30% suffering mental health issues came out of a study where there were controls in place to ensure ‘causation’. What this means is that the mental health issues that the 30% experience are DIRECTLY related to their abortion, not any mental health issues they may or may not have had prior.

  3. Anna von Marburg

    Hi Simon,
    Welcome to our pad! You are most welcome to chat with us here but we do ask that there be no name calling! A number of people have been banned from the Facebook site when they tried to offer research and statistics so we’re hoping that they might get a voice here. Here’s our conversation from a previous site:

    You accused:
    The “63% of abortions are forced or coerced, there is NO choice.” is a misrepresentation from the study that number comes from. If I was a nasty lying zealot like the Helpers I could conclude that 43% of ALL religious women are physically or sexually abused as children or adolescence. That figure is also from the study.

    I taunted:
    The 63% of forced or coerced abortions has been accepted by the law courts, so why don’t you accept it oh brave masked one.

    You challenged :
    “accepted by the law courts” reference or it didn’t happen.

    Sincerely, I invited:
    Dear Simon,
    Come on over to for a cuppa to see my reply. Please leave that scary mask behind, we think you’re much better looking without it!

    ( I had to retype the entire conversation above because I couldn’t cut and paste due to my technological disabilities. But seriously Simon, we live in a small town and I don’t want to have to see you at the QuikStop in the frozen food section and have an awkward moment so I thought I’d try to break the ice with a bit of humour. )

    Regarding the conversation above, I’ve referenced which quotes these same statistics and then mentions cases that they have worked on, some of which involved coercion. You can chase them up and ask them which cases the statistics were used for. But you know what will happen, don’t you?

    Just like the tobacco industry, these victims would most likely have been paid out of court and silenced. Abortion thrives on silence. The silence of the babies, the silence of the grieving women, the silence of everyone who knows what’s going on in that house on Englehardt Street but is afraid to speak out for fear of the powerful abortion industry and their minions.

    Simon, if you think this statistic is a misrepresentation, ask the abortion industry to provide research showing that women are NOT forced or coerced into abortion.

    They can’t .

    Here’s a sampling of court cases involving forced or coerced abortions WITH references. We’ll be finding the old cases and posting all the latest new cases on our research page above as they continue to roll in.

    What about the research from the Government of Finland finding that 15-24 year old women are twelve times(12x) more likely to commit suicide within a year of their abortion compared to women who go through with their pregnancy? Finland, one of the most atheistic countries in the world, could hardly be accused of having an anti abortion agenda. Forget the suicide awareness badges, collapse the umbrellas, let the truth of abortion seep through the dark cloud that hangs over the house on Englehardt street. We have been lied to for too long.

    And the 30% increase in mental disorders? Can you name one other elective surgical procedure performed on women that increases their chance of mental disorders by this amount? Society would rightly demand that the procedure be banned.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg in research that shows that abortion hurts women. Have a look at the research page above to see by no means an exhaustive or conclusive litany of research and associated references. The list continues to grow.

    So here’s the deal.

    We want the multibillion dollar international abortion industry to show us research that abortion does NOT hurt women.

    When they’ve done this, then they can take on the onerous task of proving that abortion does NOT hurt the unborn child.

    Our community has been lied to for too long. Women and their loved ones have been told that it’s a quick fix , that the baby is just a blob of tissue. We know deep in our hearts that something is wrong. Stop the coverup. Abortion Hurts Albury.

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