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“Protesting the protestors” – The debate continues..

Life Network Australia – Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Border Mail has written another article about the vigil of the Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants at the Fertility Control Clinic in Albury.
In the article, CEO of ‘Women’s Health Goulburn North East’, Susie Reid, has made unfounded statements that pro abortion advocates regurgitate on demand.

In just a few short sentences, Ms Reid has:
1. Underestimated the growing concern about abortion in Albury/Australian society: ” Small, noisy minority”.

2. Marginalized men (many of whom live with hurt from abortion – including Rex Beard who shared his own painful experience of abortion – described in our last article ): – “Many of them (the noisy minority) men”.

3. Made a not-so-subtle reference to “backyard abortions”:  “This may result in women delaying their terminations or choosing to use illegal or unsafe techniques” – There is no evidence of the “droves of women” that supposedly died from backyard abortions, remembering that in 1969 when the Menhennit Ruling was passed, one woman in all of Australia died from a backyard abortion.

4. Blamed the Helpers for “scaring women away” – Away from such an “informed, even empowering” decision”, that pro aborts claim abortion is?  Research shows that abortion actually disempowers women (see unchoice.com ).

5. ‘Handballed’ her organisation’s role of sex education and information about contraception to the Helpers: “The anti-choice lobby is not at all concerned with prevention, like the provision of good sex education (and) access to effective contraception“.

Debbie Garratt of Real Choices Australia wrote to the Editor of The Border Mail:

“The Border Mail’s portrayal of the protests outside the abortion clinic over the last couple of weeks have done anything but provide a fair representation of ‘both sides’ however your latest article featuring Susie Reid is blatant sensationalism, perpetuating the myth that all abortions are actually ‘wanted’ and that there can be no benefit gained by women being offered an alternative.”

The fact is that the people praying outside the abortion clinic have been doing so for more than a decade. There has NOT been an increase in illegal abortion in that time, and it is ridiculous to suggest that women are seeking abortion more often as a result.

There are many pro-life groups in Australia and in our region who work hard as volunteers, to provide material and practical resources for women, as well as mentoring and supporting them both during and after a challenging pregnancy. It is a poor reflection on the position of those seeking to usher women into the abortion clinic that they seek to marginalize and lie about the work of people who are deeply concerned about women facing abortion decisions.

Go HERE to read the whole article.


  1. If only these people knew more about how the Helpers work.
    They would see the truth of how loving and gentle they are.
    This poor woman, Susie, must know the truth deep down – that the Helpers do not harass but lovingly and simply offer help & support to these misled women.
    Susie has seen how non-confrontational the Helpers are because she was there last week.
    Susie is part of a so called ‘pro choice’ protest – however, if she is ushering these women away from the Helpers free information, she is actually giving those women NO CHOICE to speak with the Helpers.
    I feel only sadness for Susie, she needs our prayers.

  2. If these Helpers are so called ‘harassing’ women, shouldn’t this Susie lady be asking the Albury police to do a better job of stopping them from harassing the girls?!
    Sounds like the Helpers have been doing this for a long time and from reading other Border Mail articles, the police know about them.
    So, obviously the Helpers are NOT harassing, otherwise the police would of had them removed or ‘moved on’ a long time ago.
    Let’s use a bit of common sense here guys.
    The only harassment that is happening, is from this Susie lady.

  3. Good point, Chan. I read all those comments on the Border Mail from people against the prolifers and they almost all said you were harrassing and intimidating the women coming to the clinic. If that is true then why have the police allowed this to go on for so many years all over Australia? I saw a small group of prolifers in Melbourne recently .. about 5 of them … praying and just standing there together. And cars when by and shouted obscenities and passer’s by gave dirty looks and made insulting comments. Who’s harrassing who here?

  4. Anna von Marburg

    Dear Susie Reid,

    That was lovely the way you danced in front of the abortion clinic today to the music that you were blasting from your cars. Very classy. I’m sure that the women with their feet up in stirrups inside would have felt very empowered by your behaviour.

    I see you rightly campaign against domestic violence. Don’t like domestic violence? Stop promoting abortion:

    Abortion in current relationship:
     For women, was associated with various forms of sexual dysfunction (122-182%),
    verbal conflict about money, relatives and children.
     For men,more likely to report arguing about children(196%).
    Coleman et. al., ‘Induced abortion and intimate relationship quality in Chicago Health and Social Live Survey,
    ’ Public Health (2009) DOI: 10,1016/j.puhe.2009.01.005.

    Those who had an abortion were:
     Over three times more likely to report heavy alcohol usage
     Twice as likely to report cigarette smoking
     More likely to report subsequently being slapped or kicked by the child’s father.
    Coleman et.al., ‘Predictors and Correlates of Abortion in the Fragile Families and Well-Being Study:
    Paternal Behaviour, Substance Abuse and Partner Violence,’ International Journal of Mental Health and Addictions doi: 10.1007/s11469-008-9188-7. Dec 31, 2008.

  5. Anyone who heard and saw the priest being verbally abused and sworn at would know who is at fault. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

  6. Given the extraordinary bias the Border Mail has shown over the last month with its sensationalist coverage of the Abortion Clinic prayer and protesters, I don’t expect we’ll see the following report. ‘Whilst a small group of people peacefully prayed, a larger contingent of protesters swore at a priest, played loud music to drown out the prayer and most appalling of all, Susie Reid, CEO of a local Women’s Health Organisation, literally danced in the street. This is the most appalling and sickening display of total lack of compassion for women that I have ever seen. No woman would have been in that clinic happily. Most would not have been experiencing a total sense of free choice.. and a senior Executive dances outside the door. Can it get anymore vulgar?

  7. She danced because she thought she had all the cameras covered up with those umbrellas. Coverup…a recurring theme in all of this.

  8. Oh…and are my tax dollars paying for her to dance in front of abortion clinics?

  9. How extraordinary it is that the ‘pro-choice’, pro-abortion crowd (i) block girls entering the clinic from receiving information from sidewalk counsellors (ii) stand with their silly umbrella’s in front of signs showing images of abortion and (iii) distort the debate so that it is more about ‘privacy’ than the destruction of defenseless human life within the womb, and still claim to be for women and choice. This is pro-self determination, pro-“I need to convince myself that what I have done in the past was right” but nothing to do with the health of women, babies, families or society and not even anything to do with choice. They thrive on misinformation, they block the truth and call it choice. They seek to make others into their own wounded image. They lie.

    And the Helpers pray for them . . .

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