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Bottom of Your Driveway

Dear Councillor Stuchberry, You had your say uninterrupted at Council where you berated the Helpers, who were unable to respond, sitting quietly in the gallery. You claimed we were bullies. You claimed that even just standing there was bullying. This was repeated in the local media and we were asked for a response but knew that unlike you, we would never have our response printed in its entirety. Bullying is not the correct word. If we were just standing there and somebody was going in for just any ordinary medical procedure, “weird” would be a better word. Being a doctor, you know it’s not just any ordinary medical procedure. A human being dies in every abortion. We offer the mothers real help and some have taken it, before or after their abortion. We accompany the dying in prayer as people have done since the beginning of time. Are we bullies? Certainly not. We are the Helpers. You offered the bottom of your driveway for us to stand and pray. We prefer to stand where we can continue to offer mothers help and pray as the rubbish truck collects the babies at the bottom of the clinic’s driveway. Anna von Marburg Helpers of God’s Precious Infants

Dr. Pieter Mourik AM Apology to Dr. Roland and Anna von Marburg

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Roland and Anna von Marburg received an apology in the Victorian Supreme Court and $180,000 payout from Dr. Pieter Mourik AM.

“Dr. Mourik’s admission of Facebook use is in stark contrast to what Dr Mourik has previously told The Border Mail.”


Don’t be Cohned by the Greens

The proposed council by-law banning peaceful prayer in front of Albury’s abortion clinic is a violation of free speech.  It is unprecedented, unenforceable, and unconstitutional.  Greens Amanda Cohn has said that the free speech argument is “rubbish” but some of her own party disagree with her.  When told that he could protest somewhere else but not at the site where the environmental damage was occurring, the Green’s Bob Brown said, “We’re here to defend the right of all Australians into the future to be able to show environmental  destruction where it takes place.”  He took his case to the High Court. He won.

The Greens are now using the Albury ratepayers to finance their political agenda based on false stories and fake news.

The widely published anonymous medical student complaint was never pursued by the police.   The medical student claims she felt “fearful for my safety, publicly shamed and helpless in the face of such a gross invasion of my privacy.”  However, the evidence showed she repeatedly returned to a Helper and yelled at him, lunged at him, and attempted to wrestle a foetal model out of his hand. Her Facebook page showed she was a Greens supporter.

The widely published “Zoe” story(Border Mail 24 April, 2014)  claimed a male Helper directed abuse at “Zoe”.  “Zoe” has since revealed that she is the sister of a leading pro-abortion activist and former Greens candidate, who was the administrator of a hate site directed at the Helpers.  As a sequel to this “story”,  someone letterboxed the neighbourhood of one of the  male Helpers implicated in the story, leaving behind a flyer with his photo, address and malicious comments.   Similar flyers of  other Helpers were placed on vehicles in their churches’ carparks.  A letter  threatening violence and disruption of the workplace was sent to another Helper’s employer. Forgetting her original “story, “Zoe” later further fabricated her allegation writing that I, a woman, had directed  the abuse at her.

This year, a Member of the Order of Australia apologised in the Victorian Supreme Court for untrue and offensive material and photographs published about my husband and me, paying us $180,000. The same AM has hosted a number of visits to Albury by Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi.

Laws against harassment and intimidation already exist and should be upheld. The abortion clinic’s security cameras capture every activity of the Helpers and the  police have never charged or convicted any Helper.  Nevertheless, stories of fake hate crimes continue to abound.

Here’s a real crime.  In Albury, when the pregnant girlfriend of an eighteen year old  refused to have an abortion, he put a rope around her neck and  pulled it tight. He said, “I will ring the neck of the child when it is born.”    He denied threatening he would “cut the baby out”.  (Border Mail 16 September, 2017)  Will Albury Council ban peaceful prayer at the site where the abortionist actually does “cut the baby out”?

Hundreds of mothers have taken information or stopped to speak with the Helpers at the Albury abortion clinic.  Hundreds of mothers and their babies have been saved from abortion by the Helpers at abortion clinics around Australia and in Albury. My husband and I, along with two other Helper couples, are Godparents to the siblings and a child  saved from abortion on the footpath at the Albury abortion clinic.  Purple is the symbolic colour of Advent, a period of joyful expectation in the Church  at the coming celebration of the birth of our Saviour, Whose mother faced an unexpected pregnancy.  Please allow the Helpers to continue to offer assistance to mothers and babies facing difficult pregnancies by upholding our basic right to Freedom of Speech.

Anna von Marburg , Helpers of God’s Precious Infants      18 December, 2017



IVF Specialists earn $4.5 million a year

The top 10 per cent of IVF specialists earned $4.5 million each in the 2008/09 financial year.


Opposition can’t undo IVF damage: Abbott.

Press Release: Englehardt Street Abortion Clinic

17:30 10th December 2014
Local Albury man Darren Cameron says as with the closed Hobart clinic, the NSW and Federal Governments should step in and closely examine if the Englehardt St Abortion Clinic being run by the Melbourne based company Fertility Control Clinic  is complying with the agreed National Clinical standards .
The company’s clinic in Hobart was forced to close after the company refused to upgrade the converted suburban house to the required standards.
“There are several lies being told by Rights to Privacy group supporting this clinic” Mr Cameron said.
” They claim the clinic provides a range of fertility and women’s health services”
” The only procedures carried out by this clinic are abortions by a fly in fly out GP, not a specialist and the fitting of IUD’s occasionally, which is otherwise readily available in Albury”
Mr Cameron said claims that the clinic bulk billed were also misleading.
” The clinic does bulk bill the abortionist and the anaesthetist  but charges a $400 recovery and accommodation charge. Women who use this clinic are left out of pocket as the clinic is not accredited to the required standard and private health insurers will not pay on a claim made against this charge “
Despite constant claims by this group and the clinic staff that this clinic was the only place women who needed  a termination could get one, Mr Cameron revealed this was in fact not true.
” I met last week with the executive of Albury Wodonga Health who confirmed that Women who were referred to the Health service by their Doctor for a genuine medical reason could have the service at the Base Hospital in a private, safe and professional environment.”
The argument that the Englehardt Clinic might be providing  abortion for non medical reasons would be “very alarming” Mr Cameron said, as such a procedure was a crime in NSW with the last prosecution of a Doctor (  CITATION: R v Sood [2006] NSWSC 1141) resulting in a conviction and the de registration of the Doctor in 2006.
“Albury women deserve quality health care and  better than a fly in fly out GP and I call on both the NSW and Federal Governments to force this clinic to upgrade or close as they did in Hobart.”
Mr Cameron will be holding a press conference to answer further questions for all members on the Media at 11 am on the footpath near 586 Englehardt St on Thursday the 11th  December.
Note, all comments made by Mr Cameron in this press release and any subsequent comments on this subject are strictly in a private capacity. 

Pope prays at monument for aborted children

A similar memorial is being planned for Albury.








12 Week Old Human Fetus

This is a twelve week old human being from the date of conception.  On page 96 of a university embryology book The Developing Human, Clinically Oriented Embryology by Keith L. Moore and T.V.N Persaud  the crown rump length(CRL-the length from the top of the baby’s head to its rump) of a 12 week old fetus is 87mm.  A woman is holding this baby in the video.  The average width of a woman’s hand is 74 mm.  Ten to fifteen of these babies are aborted every Thursday at the old house on Englehardt Street in Albury.  Their bodies are collected for a few weeks before they are carted away as surgical waste.  Pieter Mourik, a retired abortionist, wants to move peaceful protestors away from this old house so that they can’t offer mothers and their babies help before they enter the house.

Anna von Marburg

Do the Math…Pregnancy Termination Equity Partner

abortion money

For Rebecca

Here’s one that got away, Rebecca.  Newly crowned Miss Pennsylvania, Valerie Gatto, conceived in rape.  ValerieGatto





























Newly Crowned Miss Pennsylvania, Valerie Gatto, Was Conceived in Rape | BarbWire.com.